About JD Walsh

JD Walsh

JD Walsh is a graduate of UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. In 1999 JD became the Artistic Director of Ultimate Theater in Westwood CA. Ultimate was founded on the belief that theater does not need to be fast, loud and soulless but instead takes patience, risk and heart.

He has been a visiting instructor at the Globe Theater in San Diego as well as lecturing in Chicago, New Zealand, Boston and New York.

JD has written and directed four television pilots "Adversaries", "The Nanny Club," "Clubhouse of D*ckheads" and "Battleground" which was sold in 2012 to Hulu as their first original program.

He lives in Southern California with his wife Deirdre and three children and is currently adapting the novel "A Gentleman's Guild to Graceful Living" for Marc Webb.